our pastors

We are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic gathering of incredible people. Life is good.  Along with us we have a whole team of incredible volunteer pastors and paid staff that serve like crazy changing the world. We are forever grateful for who God has placed all around us! 

  • Jeff/Cindy

    lead Pastors

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  • chris/krystal


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  • Stephen/jenn


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  • eric/sara

    Mens/Womens Ministry

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  • duke/cheryl

    Elders/admin team

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  • veronica

    jr high

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  • dan/amber

    Welcome/Security Team

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  • eddie/ana

    elders / Guest Services

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WHAT WE BELIEVE/ click to the Left to see more>

Church for Life is a non-denominational, Spirit-filled, life-giving church that is part of a church network of growing non-denominational churches. Our primary mentoring church relationship is with New City Church in Great Falls, MT. Our churches rely heavily on mentoring and discipling to raise up our own pastors from within. We support missions all over the world, and have 30+ local collaborations. 

We also have a heart for the greater church/kingdom in our area and spend time and resources investing in other ministries and churches. We are building more than a church; we are building the Kingdom!  

We are involved in our schools, in our city and county government and local business. Our intention is to be plugged in at EVERY level of our culture that we possibly can!